3D scanning and digitization

3D scanning and digitization

The technology of industrial and commercial buildings digitization made by means of airborne scanning.

3D scanning technology performs a full-scale, accurate and real time collection of data about the building under construction or any other existing object

Combination of 3D scanning technology, digitization and post processing will raise the quality of presentations and enable to showcase the life cycle of an object.

This method saves time spent on objects modeling according to drawings and technical documentation as well as allows to reduce unnecessary work for objects digitization and save human resources.

3D scanning method does not require specific legal authorization, documentation and the Object - ID.

Effective management

3D laser scanner installed on the drone creates a “cloud” of points of a measured object by flying around the building and its premises. Specialists of our company fine-tune and integrate the generated information model in the program for monitoring and managing the life cycle of the object.

The technology significantly saves time spent on objects modeling according to provided drawings, reduces time spent on objects digitization and transfers all the accurate data on stages of building construction.