Educational training simulators

Educational training simulators

Unique solutions development for advanced trainings and training employees to work with any type of sophisticated equipment.

Virtual reality technology allows to simulate sophisticated equipment operations and use visualization method in the educational process. Thus, according to statistics, percentage of the information perceived by a person while using virtual training simulator equals to 90.

The use of VR training simulators provides the opportunity to train employees how to work with particular equipment without the necessity to buy it or prior to its arrival. Such an approach to educational process will reduce the risk of equipment breakdowns as in VR an employee is working with a realistic 3D model while unlimited amount of attempts within each scenario allows to prepare the employee fully for real work.

The builder takes an interactive course on safety rules and professional recommendations for all stages of facility construction process.

Transferability of the equipment of our training simulators makes it possible to save money on employee business trips and conduct training without being limited by a particular room or territory.

Professional solutions in virtual reality

Virtual training simulator is a showcase of a complex modeling and simulation system designed to prepare a person to make optimal and qualitative decisions, reduce the risk of occupational hazards and train new employees. Virtual reality duplicates employees’ working zones and allows to play as many scenarios as possible without any risk for health. High level of knowledge absorption and immersion in the created environment facilitate existing security level at the enterprise and adherence to the rules of occupational safety.

Simulators are specifically developed for professional builders, welders, electricians, specialists in equipment installation and ventilation.