Warehouse operations management in VR

The simulator of the virtual warehouse is meant for staff training within this environment. Safe from injuries, this training experience grants you the best possible training results and overall process management.

The main idea behind this project was to build a virtual warehouse with implemented real life tasks to show the possibility of training warehouse workers. The program visualises the daily routine of a shipment warehouse worker.

Target audience: warehouse workers, retail industry managers, students.

The project was initiated by the team of Inlusion Netforms and human performance researchers for industrial specialisations in order to figure out a modern solution for warehouse staff management and training. Pre-ordered by big industrial players, this simulator was a dream come true.

Simulator is used in companies with huge warehouse properties that have warehouse operations as a big part of the work process. These include companies from retail industry that own various supermarkets, shipment and moving companies. Simulator can include any type of scenario suited for different trainees such as inventorisation, gadget fixing, mass production, warehouse management or even builder and etc.

Development time: 3,5 months
Engine: Unity
Platform: PC + HTC Vive
Setting: Nowadays
Visual style: realism
Language: multi (ENG/RU/LT)
Age: 12+
Stage: full product

All the possible warehouse facilities in one?

The Warehouse project started with a clear vision to incorporate various different warehouse operations into one simulator and exhibit how the process of training could be simplified and go more cost-effective. In collaboration with human performance specialists for industrial specialisations, we have examined numerous amount of data in order to develop a futuristic solution for effective worker trainings. Virtual reality can replace real tools with digital ones, meaning there is no need to spend extra money on equipment which will only be used for training. It also eliminates the risk of injuries while a trainee is perfectly safe within the digital environments. Moreover, having an individual platform for training enables one to choose the training process out of various scenarios in different locations without actually stepping out of the office. 

These advantages already come with the use of VR technology, but we wanted to achieve more and that is why we have crafted scenarios that let improve individual skills.

The biggest warehouse in the world

There were a couple of stages in the process of development. First of all, we had to build a warehouse structure and fill it in with realistic tools and equipment that would enable usual operations. The other big implementation was the user-friendly mechanics used widely by workers in industries such as retail, moving also various tech-repair facilities.

A warehouse like no other

Warehouse operations get on a whole new perspective with Virtual Reality implemented. Companies have their own database of tasks that workers can train on. We have pre-made scenarios that could be used for training overall skills of employees such as precaution, visual imagination, environmental observation and many more. Therefore, with the custom solutions, we are able to create and launch any type of trainings that would save vast amounts of money for big industry players. No more technical equipment used only for trainings, no misunderstandings or unsuccessful knowledge absorption – Virtual Reality is here to increase the efficiency in every possible way.