Monitoring and Inspection System

Monitoring and Inspection System

An innovative system designed for monitoring and tracking each stage of facilities construction process encompasses the life cycle of capital construction object and all the processes from designing to commissioning.

The unique forecasting technology of our system allows us to examine the 3D model of an object which has not been built yet.

The technology provides control over the processes and rates of construction, saves money on objects inspection.

Detailed visualization of any future project will enable architects and construction workers to foresee all the risks posed by the construction process and further facility management.

Constant control over the construction process and the possibility to check quality and quantity of the material used in the construction will reduce the risk of overrun in material.  

Incredible database

The system automatically collects technical data and transmits information about the strain on the object, impacts, relocations and deformations of the structure as well as about tensions in its cross sections. It also detects and establishes a correspondence between the stress-strain state of the construction and work project in order to evaluate the technical state of the object and to avoid any possible critical or pre-crash conditions.

As such the technology allows provides the opportunity to examine the 3D model of an object which has not been built yet and at the same time indicates problem stages and possible flaws of the construction process.