Urban Planning System

Urban Planning System

The information system allows to create and visualize planning projects for urban territories, localities, regions and private premises.

The system can be used for planning and further testing of various scenarios on the very first stages of the project. The main goal of the system is to avoid unnecessary procedures and expedite project acceptance process.

The system allows to digitize streets, districts, cities and use models developed according to the technical documentation and drawings.

Using VR headset you can examine future buildings, walk through the streets, parks, squares, industrial complexes, test several planning options and choose the best one.

This innovative planning system saves budgetary and extrabudgetary funds, expedites concurrence process and improves the quality and common urban eyesore by means of particular recommendations for designing healthy, convenient and safe living environment.


Digitized landscapes are kept in the database of the system. This allows the user to work with the landscape which is exactly the same as the territory for the future construction object, to develop several projects within the space, compare them and choose the preferable one.  Apart from the main system functionalities it teleports the user to the object created what provides the opportunity to evaluate the scale of future facilities, buildings and streets.

While planning separate parts of a district or council estate the system is estimating the compatibility of the objects being placed with the surrounding land-development. This product also consists of the system which gives recommendations for new objects placement.